Become Permanent MakeUp Professional Stylist

We seek to advance the level of competency of all our students through education by experienced and dedicated master class trainers which provide students with the essential permanent makeup basics as well as advanced mechanisms they need to be proficient in their chosen field of study. Learn techniques and the process for the procedures and then move on to working on live models. Appreciated certificates are given upon successful completion of education.


Learn basic techniques as well as advanced procedures

Education In International Class

We are to our knowledge the only school in Sweden that exclusively uses the latest practices in the permanent makeup industry, to the large extent we do. The school is international, aiming as well to satisfy customers and students throughout Scandinavia & Europe. Having past experience is really no requirement to get through the education - it is the will, motivation and dedication that counts. It is not uncommon for students from other schools in the permanent makeup industry to apply for further education or retraining, as there is often a lack of qualitative training in the permanent makeup industry, which in the worst case can lead to permanent physical damage.



Permanent Make Up Education

Learn the permanent makeup basics as far as shapes, corrections, color theory, shading and safety. Have the opportunity to work on live models - we strive to make sure all of our students are comfortable with the procedures before they work on clients. Advanced courses are designed to enhance and extend your makeup skills and offering the opportunity to take your permanent makeup career to the next level. We offer wide range of permanent makeup courses tailored to meet everybody's needs.

Download Timetable for Basic Permanent Makeup Education course or take a look at Photo Gallery:



Microblading Beginner Education   ⟡   Price: 1.800 euros

The education ends with your international certificate!
DAY 1: 10:00 - 12:00 Theory (history, hygiene, your workplace, customer relationship, psychology) • 12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH • 13:00 - 17:00 Practice Eyebrow geometry, performance of treatment (Asian, European and Classical), hairline placement, latex training and practical exercises to do at home.
DAY 2: 10:00 - 13:00 Meet their first "customer" (model). Together we make eyebrows shape, choose colors, I start the treatment and you continue and then I finish it. You make up to 50% of all work (you learn to "dare" work on a needle on skin) • 12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH • 13:00 - 17:00 Own Model - You perform 90% of the treatment under Irina’s supervision.
DAY 3: We book a model and Irina helps shape, color and you perform 90% treatment under her control. Before choosing where the education is to be conducted, check that the school holds certificates from well-known and trusted masters in the industry (see our certificates). Often images from rogue schools are either inconvenient or photo-manipulated - so be sure to check the school's references.
Start kit for approximately 30 customers, and all the materials from the training you will bring home.



Laser Therapy Education   ⟡   Price: 6.000 euros

Nd YAG laser education - only for those who buy our NdYag laser IG-214. 1 day between 10.00 and 15.00: 10.00-12.00 Theory • 13.00-15.00 Internship. You get 2 certifications ! After completion of the course, you will receive 2 certifications - a Laser EU Testate certificate approved by the Bay Area Compliance Laboratories in the United States of America, California and the second certificate which applies to personal education that the student can use laser.
The price pf 6.000 euros includes training as well as 2 year warranty on the laser.
We offer: • 2 year warranty • The education is included in prices • You will receive 2 certificates; one for the laser machine and one for the training • Is "insurance" if something goes wrong with permanent makeup treatments • The machine gives you the opportunity to offer your customers many more types of intervention



Meso Education   ⟡   Price: 1.650 euros

We collaborate with doctors and specialists from several countries such as Austria, Norway, and Russia, to provide our students with as broad and versatile education as possible. We only work with high quality and well-tested preparations. NOTE: Obligatory is to have a medical education, from nurse and upper !
In 2015, Dr. Rappl visited us where we worked together to educate our students from scratch. Our students had no experience with Mezotherapy. This is usually not offered without experience, but requires that you have both relevant training and work experience. We at PMU Academy provide our students with both basic experience and advanced techniques in the same education. We also included Botox in our basic and update courses. NOTE: This requires that you are a Swedish registered doctor !
We offer: • Opportunity to learn the latest in Mezotherapy • Get knowledge and techniques from all over the world • Internship is included in the education • Quality preparation only • Affordable prices for preparations
Advice: Be prepared to work with an injection preparation, as it is part of training practice !



Master Class Education   ⟡   Price: CONTACT US !   ⟡   Price includes PlasmaLift pen and 10 sterile needles.

Contact via Facebook PM or e-mail: with subject: PlasmaLine education. Location for Master Class is very limited !!!

Benefits of PLASMA Line system: Maximum effective rejuvenation • Wide field of use • Compatible with other rejuvenation methods • Maximum recovery period - 7 days • Effect increases within six months • The procedure is easy to apply • Length of procedure 10-30 minutes • No side effects • Possible repeated use

With this treatment technology we can treat: Eyelids - inner, upper and lower • Aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles • Smoke around the lips • Neck that has become wrinkled and relaxed • Cleavage • Skin tightening and rejuvenation • Stretch marks

Download full PLASMA LINE Master Class Education sheet or take a look at Photo Gallery:


Education For NPM Removal System

PMU & TATTOO REMOVAL Education   ⟡   Price: CONTACT US !   ⟡   Price includes: 1 Removal means.

We use a special formula of lactic acid. Lactic acid has the ability to lift more colour faster while much safer than the Glycolic. The healing process is very fast and simple. This special method involves simple steps the clients need to do at home to improve the color lifting and process.
In the workshop, you will learn the following: • Skin types, layers and oxygenation process • Types of tattoo removal solutions pros and cons • What can be removed and how • Needles and method • What removal to use • Natural removals • Removal after care • Common mistakes and dangers. This class is 1 Day 8 hours' class. Upon completion, you will be able to start removal procedures to your clients. This method can be done by students from all industries and backgrounds.

Download full PMU AND TATTOO REMOVAL Education sheet or take a look at Photo Gallery:


For Beginners

HFS and Areola education   ⟡   Price: 700 - 1.200 euros !

Learn how to restore the skin's original color using the market's latest correction technology. Goal of the course is to learn how to reset the original color and restore the original look.
1 day HFS training = 700 euros
1 day AREOLA education = 700 euros
HFS + Areola = 1.200 euros


For Beginners and Experienced Stylists

Private Education   ⟡   Price: CALL !

All students can book a private education, of course, it's the Beginner or Experienced Permanent Makeup Stylist.
Via personal message you will receive information about the price and date that suits us!
Plan your education approximately 2 - 3 months ahead!



About The Certificates

When becoming a permanent cosmetic professional, certification by accredited center is by far the most important initial factor. It gives you authority as a professional in your choosen field and authority is extremely important when building a clientele and your career - it gives your clients the peace of mind that they are in good hands. This is especially important when dealing with something as sensitive as cosmetically altering facial features and overall appearance. Certification will also enable you to charge according to your qualifications, talents, and experience. Its an acknowledgment of your commitment and an education that no one can take from you.

Take a look at our certificates gallery: