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The specialist techniques we use can simply be described as micro particles of coloured pigment being placed mechanically below the surface of the skin which produce a long-lasting look that mimics the use of makeup. The most frequently requested procedures are enhancing of the eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner shading, lip liner and lips. Although the treatment fades after approximately 2 - 4 years, some colour will remain to a greater or lesser degree. Micropigmentation can be compared to having a tattoo as the new pigment or colour is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin, just below the surface. You can return to work and normal activities immediately afterwards.


BROWES SHADING - Eyebrows Whole
Price: 190 euros
We mark your eyebrows and give them a more beautiful shape, reconstruct or reinforce. The effect will be as if you had drawn the eyebrows by hand. The technique we use when filling in your new eyebrows is well-proven, but modernized - the results are approx. 2-3 years longer than with conventional solutions. This treatment is suitable for those who already have a lot of hair.
Advice: Do not pick your own eyebrows because the shape must be seen as it is.
Benefits: • The treatment takes a maximum of 90 minutes • Together we agree on shape and color • The eyebrows are always designed to fit your face shape • Contains longer than conventional technology


EYELINER - Lower and Upper Eyelines
Price: Upper classic: 190 euros (+ shading 70 euros) • Lower: 90 euros • Upper + Lower: 250 euros (save 30 euros)
Do you have eyelashes, or do your eyelashes lack the correct color? Then we will be happy to help you. With this technique, we color the eyelash range with the colors you want. You can fill your eyelids with both light shadow, or sharp lines. Big eyes can be seen to look smaller, and / or vice versa! We use local anesthetics for pain relief. With our long experience and steady hands you do not have to worry about getting the needle in your eyes. We also offer this treatment if you are over 65 years old.
Advice: Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours after treatment, as alcohol can provoke complications. It is quite normal, though, that the eyes may look slightly swollen for approx. 3 days after treatment.
Benefits: • With this technique, you can not fill the eyelids yourself • The eyes can get a whole new expression • Release the running color from the eyelids after shower and bath • Lifting hanging eyelids • Holds relatively long
Requirements: Keep in mind that you should not have loose eyelashes or makeup when you are on treatment.


Price: Lip contour: 260 euros • Lips throughout: 390 euros (regular price: 590 euros)
We always do lip contours with shading, because in this way the lips look much more natural than just one line. Our technology fits very well for those who do not need to change the shape or color of the lips.
Advice: We recommend doing everything in one place so that the look is uniform. Lubricate your lips with petroleum jelly daily for approx. 3 months after the visit.
What you get: • Refined lip contour • The lips get a juicy color • The volume of the lips increases • Corrects any asymmetry in the lips • When returning, the color will last for approx. 3 to 5 years
Requirements: no alcohol the day before, no coffee within 3 hours of the procedure. If you have a filler, it needs to be done either a month before or after the procedure. Also note that if you have herpes, you need to take herpes medicine at least 3 days before the procedure. Also note that if you are dark-haired, it is virtually impossible for us to guarantee a change in your skin nose to the lighter, and that this type of treatment takes a lot longer to complete; However, we do the treatment you want regardless of, but without guarantee that your skin color changes to the extent you wish.


Price: Hair strain technology: 220 euros • Combo technology: 260 euros
Modern technology - Natural result. This technique is one of the most modern in the permanent makeup industry. Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge and quality when it comes to filling eyebrows with hairline technology. PMU stylist Irina Gafvelin has contributed her knowledge to the "Permanent Makeup" directory, as well as other comprehensive articles and video recordings known in the permanent makeup industry. This technique looks very natural because we design each hairline individually. Therefore, technology is one of the most popular among our customers.
Advice: Do not pick the eyebrows before treatment.
Requirements: Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages one day before the visit, as well as coffee 3 hours before the visit.
Reasons to choose our hairline technique: • Looks natural • The procedure takes only 90 minutes • Errors can be corrected • Suitable especially for those with few hairstuffs. This technique can also be used in areas other than eyebrows.


• We are also experts in removing tattoos, price from 50 euros.
• Hair removal with laser, price from 30 euros per zone. We remove hair with advanced laser technology, on breasts, feet, bikini, chin, etc.
• Removal of papilloma, price from 5 euros.


Price 1 ml = 350 euros
At Permanent Makeup Studio we perform treatments in Mezotherapy. The treatments are about repairing the face-assymmetry, renewing the skin, as well as looking forward to flaws.
BOTOX: • Forehead • Wrinkles • Heading area • Tension headache fillers • Lips • Nasolabial fold • Glabella & lines in the forehead • Cheeks • Sculpting of nose & chin


Benefits of PLASMA Line system: Maximum effective rejuvenation • Wide field of use • Compatible with other rejuvenation methods • Maximum recovery period - 7 days • Effect increases within six months • The procedure is easy to apply • Length of procedure 10-30 minutes • No side effects • Possible repeated use
With this treatment technology we can treat: Eyelids - inner, upper and lower • Aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles • Smoke around the lips • Neck that has become wrinkled and relaxed • Cleavage • Skin tightening and rejuvenation • Stretch marks


We use a special formula of lactic acid. Lactic acid has the ability to lift more colour faster while much safer than the Glycolic. The healing process is very fast and simple. This special method involves simple steps the clients need to do at home to improve the color lifting and process.


Price: From 300 euros
Scars may occur in the event of accidents or surgery, and the skin color becomes significantly paler on and around the scar. Our task is to restore the skin's original color. You can also fill in color to imitate hair that is no longer growing. Post surgery for breast need not mean the end of your self-esteem. We are working hard to restore the breast's original look for breast soles. We use the exclusion of the market's latest technology to correct your scars.
Advice: We strongly recommend investing in our supplement (ferment: Lidaza, 200kr per syringe) that softens the tissue - this in turn reduces the size of the scar, making it easier to implant.
We offer: • Resetting the original color • Restore the original look • It will be practically very difficult to notice your scars following the procedure. Return to self-esteem following the procedure • Get back to self-confidence according to the procedure
Requirements: You should avoid shower or otherwise allow superficial contact with water on the actual scar and in the vicinity, 3 days after the procedure.